Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. It is the first Fire sign and is cardinal (outgoing) by nature. Aries is enthusiasm, energy, adventure and confidence all wrapped up in one. The sign of the Ram exudes urgency, courage and activity. Always first to tread boldly, Aries leads the way for others to follow. Like the other Fire signs, Leo and Sagittarius, Aries does not always get the job done, living the finer points to its companions in the zodiac. Aries requires noise and a need to be busy. The day to day routine is OK, but to thrive, Aries demands action and adventure. Care must be taken to avoid the selfishness and impulsive nature that can get the passionate Aries in trouble.

Planets placed in Aries in the natal chart bring energy, passion and determination. These planets will often be the focus for achievement and desire for fulfilment. Impatience and foolhardiness are also associated with these placings. The sense of energy that comes from Arian planets means there is emphasis on all things mechanical. It is likely that careers involve engineering, craftwork of some kind or anything that allows the subject to stand out in some way.

Aries is ruled by the equally fiery Mars. Traditional associations with the Ram include trees that bears thorns, flowers with strong scents, such as honeysuckle and wild plants such as the thistle. Typical Arian spices include mustard, peppers and chillies. Foods linked to this sign are usually strong tasting, such as onions, hops and leeks. The Arian gemstone is the hard but beautiful diamond, whilst the traditional color is red. Aries has been with the world since the time of the Egyptians, but its origin as a mythological animal is unknown.

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