The Sun

The Sun is not a planet but the star around which our solar system revolves. However, we refer to the Sun as a planet for ease rather than any other reason.

When discussing the Sun, it is important to ignore the Sun sign horoscopes that we see in the newspapers and magazines. The Sun is one element within the birthchart (albeit a very important one). It represents the outward expression - how the world sees us. Wherever it is placed within the birthchart we find a great deal of energy and power. This is where we concentrate our energies. How we concentrate those energies depends on the sign the Sun is placed in. The Sun is linked to Leo, and through this linked to creation, joy, self-esteem and generosity. In turn, the Sun is associated with children, surely the most wonderful example of creation. A well-aspected Sun will bring an individual kindness of heart, focus and a sunny disposition. Badly aspected, the Sun can mean an individual is pompous, over-bearing and too demanding of center-stage.

The Sun appears to move round the zodiac quite quickly, and as a result transits tend to last for a few hours. The most well-known transit by the Sun occurs on your birthday, when we usually feel good about ourselves for a short while. It is at this time when we often find ourselves the center of attraction.

Progressions by the Sun are truly important affairs. In any average life time, we will only experience around 20 progressions by this powerful planet. They tend to affect us fundamentally - these are important times in our lives when we focus closely on our lives and work out what we have to do to move on. Positive progressions by the Sun mean we have energy to spare and can make the most of opportunities that present themselves. These times are often a time of increased maturity and development. Negative progressions may bring setbacks and lack of focus, but these times need to be used in order to concentrate and make sure we complete what we have to get done. The Sun will change signs by progression maybe once or twice in our lifetimes. This represents a time when we change our focus and often become a more complex individual.

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