Mercury is the planet closest to the Sun. As we look out from here on planet Earth, Mercury will only ever appear in the same or adjacent sign to that of the Sun. Mercury represents communication, expression, the mind and the ability to learn. It is the intellect, the perception and reason that we possess and use in our daily lives. This small but vital planet is linked to transport, the media and communications of all kinds, but also to your local environment, your neighbours and your brothers and sisters.

Its placement in the birthchart is the source of versatility, the ability to debate and argue and to see things in detail. A badly aspected Mercury could mean an individual is argumentative, nervous, and superficial. A well aspected Mercury can bring youthfulness, adaptability and mental agility.

Transits by Mercury last for hours rather than days and often represent a chance to talk to someone or to make a trip somewhere in the local vicinity. When Mercury turns to retrograde motion (as it does on the 16th of May), we tend to experience transport and communication difficulties (watch out for postal strikes or the trains going slow (not that you would notice here in the UK!).

Progressions by Mercury are significant events and represent a time when new interests are discovered, brothers and sisters are born, neighbourhoods change and often a course of learning is started (or finished). Contracts are often signed under the influence of such progressions.

Retrograde progressions by Mercury can be difficult, but can also be a period when the mind slows and allows the individual to understand more of what is going on around him or her. Whatever the case, Mercurial progressions do not happen often and are important events in your life.

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