The Houses

The birthchart is further divided into twelve houses, each of which is related to the zodiac signs and planets. Whereas the signs are defined by the Earth's revolution around the Sun every year, the houses are defined by the Earth's rotation every 24 hours. Each house represents an equal 2 hour section of the day. The houses start at the Ascendant, or Rising sign.

For example, someone born at sunrise during March/April would have Aries as their Ascendant. The Ascendant marks the start of the first house - the other eleven follow on in an anti-clockwise direction until they complete the circle. The boundary between each house is called the cusp, and the sign of the zodiac that lies across the cusp is the sign that controls that particular house. If Aries was the Ascendant, then Taurus would cover the second house cusp and would control it accordingly. Starting with the Ascendant that represents self awareness, the houses relate to different parts of the cycle of life: resources, communication, the home, children, health, relationships, money, philosophy, ambition, friends and secrets. Like the signs of the zodiac, each house plays a part in the definition of the horoscope.

These houses represent the main areas of life, for example; money, love and social life, to mention a few. The first six houses are primarily concerned with the inner person, and how one feels, loves and works; the other six houses are more concerned with how one focus and relate those feelings to other people. Any planet in a particular house will affect it. Some planets are more powerful in some houses than others and a combination of planets in any one house will make that area of life very important. Houses that are untenanted, that is have no planets placed in them, are still important but do not play such a great role. The zodiac sign on the outside of any untenanted houses shows the reaction to that particular aspect of life.

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