I was recently asked about Lilith, the so-called Black Moon. There is an asteroid by the same name, but Lilith the Black Moon itself exists only in our minds. It is a hypothetical point in the solar system, which arises due to the Moon's path around the ecliptic forming an axis of the perigee when the moon's orbit is closest to the earth and the apogee when its orbit is furthest from the earth. It represents a void in the birthchart, something we know is there but cannot focus upon. Like the Nodes, Lilith moves through the zodiac, taking approximately nine years to complete the circuit.

The Dark Moon, as it is sometimes called, represents our negative, darker side of our personality. It really is something that we know to be true, but cannot or will not do anything about. For example, someone with Lilith in the eleventh house may find it hard to express their life goals, always putting the group above themselves.

This representation is often something we have to let go of in order to really progress in life. Going back to the 11th house example, this individual would have to stop putting the interests of the many in order to further his or her own. It is where we question our motives and ourselves - it is also where the grass is greener, but for whose benefit?

Lilith often represents one sex's ideal view of the other. A woman with the eleventh house Lilith would perhaps see her ideal man as someone who is humane, friendly and part of a group in which she feels comfortable. A complex part of the birthchart that is still being studied and understood, Lilith is beginning to shed light on important aspects of our personality and life.

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