Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac, the second Fire sign and is Fixed (or stubborn by nature). An interesting mix of creativity, control and generosity, Leo is one of the organisers of the zodiac, bossing others around at the drop of a hat. Control is necessary for this sign, for without control the Lion can feel lost, confused and unsure. There is a fantastic creative streak running through this sign, which can be seen in most things Leo does. Generous almost to a fault, Leo has an enthusiasm for life rarely surpassed by other signs. Faithful and kind, Leo can be intolerant and patronising at times, which can make the Leo seem difficult and autocratic. Often stubborn, Leo tends to do things at his own time and in his own place - Leo will not be pushed into anything.

Planets placed in Leo bring creativity, expansiveness, and broad-mindedness. Whole hearted and generous, any planet placed in Leo in the birthchart will bring drama, power and greater self-expression to the individual. There may be a lack of discrimination at times, and it is important that a possible lack of humility is controlled. Planets in Leo suggest a focus on being creative, whether in the home, at work or at play. A source of energy and exuberance, Leo has the ability to bring a great deal to the natal chart.

Leo is ruled by the Sun. Traditional Leonine associations include herbs such as peppermint, saffron and rosemary. Flowers include the marigold, sunflower and passionflower - flowers that shine brightly in the garden. Other plants and trees linked to this sign are the walnut, olive, bay and palm. Colours linked to Leo are the colours of the sun, from dawn to dusk, sunrise to sunset. The gemstone is the ruby, bold and beautiful, whilst the metal is gold. Leonine animals are the cats, from the Lion in his lair to the tabby in your home. Like many of the zodiac signs, the origin of Leo is not well known, but the Lion has been with us for at least 3000 years from the Egyptian zodiac.

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