Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac. The first water sign, it is cardinal (or outgoing) in nature. Emotion starts here, OK? Cancer is the sign of the zodiac most associated with emotion and it is probably true that many Cancerians will wear their heart on their sleeve with pride. However, this is only part of the story. To get to the emotion, you have to get past the defensive shield that Cancer puts up around itself. Unless the Crab knows you, he will not let you past easily. Cancer is linked to the Moon and consequently suffers from mood swings that wax and wane just like the Lunar goddess. Contrary to popular belief, Cancer is one of the great travellers. The ability to make a home anywhere means that the Crab adapts to unusual surroundings very quickly. This means that Cancer can feel at home anywhere in the world.

Planets placed in Cancer bring intuition, imagination and changeability. Moodiness is common with these placings, as is extra emotional qualities. Tenacity and bravery is also likely. There can be a tendency to be over-cautious and sensitive which can detract from the more positive attributes. Planets in Cancer often mean a focus on the home life and children, and the protective nature this brings often means a person with this placing will never hear a bad word against anyone.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon. A chart with strong Cancerian influences will invariably be controlled by the placing of this most important planet. Traditional Cancerian associations include delicate herbs such as saxifrage, verbena and tarragon. White flowers that evoke emotion in many people are linked to this sign - lilies and waterlilies are particularly Cancerian in nature. Other plants include the cabbage, turnip and the maple tree. Colours linked to this sign are gray, silver and blue, just like the Moon. Typical Cancerian animals are the crab and any creature that has a hard shell to protect itself. The gemstone is the beautiful pearl and the metal silver. The origin of Cancer is not well known, although it is likely that the Babylonians recognised the sign in their zodiac.

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