Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac. It is also the first Earth sign and is fixed by nature. Taurus is reliability personified, with a good measure of common sense thrown in for good measure. What Aries starts, Taurus often finishes. You can rely on the bull to put in a good, solid performance. However, Taurus needs stability and security - without this, the bull can feel lost and unsure of which way to turn. Patient, loving and persistent, Taurus is a good friend to have with you when the going gets tough. Sometimes possessive (like its cousin across the zodiac, Scorpio), Taurus can be inflexible and resistant to change at times. However, the universe needs a sense of steadiness and routine now and again, and the powerful bull is just the sign to deliver.

Planets placed in Taurus invariably bring more stability and security to the birthchart. These planets often bring out the determination and persistent nature of an individual, but can also represent an inflexible nature and desire for the status quo. The need for security is often shown through the placements of these planets. There is often a sense of physicality associated with planets placed in Taurus; sometimes this manifests itself in beauty and sometimes as pure strength. Whatever the case, planets placed in Taurus are often a blessing and most certainly a reserve of steel and control.

The gentle and romantic Venus rules Taurus. Traditional Taurean associations include trees that bear soft, sweet fruit such as the apple, fig and pear. Other fruits include the grape and most sweet berries. Other foods linked to this are those that suggest luxury and rich taste, such as asparagus and artichoke. Taurean flowers are usually pink, or a lighter shade of red, for that is the Taurean colour. Such flowers include the dog rose, foxglove and poppy. The Taurean gemstone is emerald. Taurus dates back to Babylonian times and later to the Egyptians and their god Horus, Bull of Heaven.

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