Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac, the second Water sign and is fixed or stubborn by nature. As the Sun moves through this most dynamic of signs, the emphasis moves to power, passion, destruction and change. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto from far out in the solar system. Scorpio is drive, commitment and involvement personified. There can be jealousy, resentment and obsession, but there is also excitement, intuition and determination. Want the job done? Get Scorpio on the case and it is as good as finished.

Planets placed in Scorpio bring emotion and intensity to the natal chart. This brings intrigue, investigation and at times ruthlessness that can take the Scorpio person to great heights but can just as easily bring everything crashing down. The stubborn and secret nature of this water sign is well known to those who have tried to get the Scorpio person to open up.

Scorpio was once ruled by Mars, and for this reason, many traditional associations are similar to Aries, which is also ruled by that energetic planet. Trees like blackthorn, hawthorn and other trees that have attractive blossom on the outside but the sharp thorns underneath are considered Scorpian in nature. Flowers such as rhododendrons, honeysuckle and geraniums are Scorpian plants. Foodstuffs are strong tasting, such as onion and garlic. The traditional colour is dark red or maroon and the gemstone is opal.

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