Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac. It is the last of the fire signs and is Mutable or flexible by nature. Sagittarius sees everything as a challenge, something to overcome. Without challenge, Sagittarius becomes bored and stale. Sagittarius, like the other Fire signs, is great at starting jobs, but not so good at finishing them. Whereas Leo tends to be creative with the physical realm, Sagittarius likes to ponder, to philosophise. Sagittarius is the hunter and explorer of the zodiac. Sagittarius has the ability to understand the whole truth, but may miss the smaller details that can make the task easier. Never one to sit on his laurels, Sagittarius is always roaming, never still, looking for new challenges to keep busy. Sagittarius is the hunter, the explorer, the philosopher of the zodiac. Whilst Aries jumps straight in and Leo is as bold as brass, Sagittarius takes on the challenge with the knowledge that he can see the whole picture. Trouble is, when Sagittarius gets there he wants to find something else to do, and will rarely finish what he has started.

Planets placed in Sagittarius bring optimism, enthusiasm and honesty to the birth chart. They can convey a sense of speculation and a carefree nature. There is loyalty, generosity and tolerance, but this can turn to extravagance and self-justification if the planets are badly aspected. There is the capability to endear with the love of freedom and aspiration, but beware, for endearment can turn to frustration when the work is never finished.

Sagittarius is ruled by that most sage of planets, Jupiter. Traditional associations with Sagittarius are herbs and spices such as cinnamon, aniseed, sage and balsam. Trees that seem to spread far and wide such as oak and chestnut are Sagittarian trees, whilst flowers such as carnations and dandelions are also linked to this sign. Foodstuffs are such things as celery, grapefruit and sultanas. Purple is the typical Sagittarian colour - quite apt that clergy often pick this colour for their vestments given Sagittarius' links to philosophy and religion. The gemstone is the topaz and the metal is tin. The origins of Sagittarius are unknown apart from the frequent references to the centaurs in early Greek and Roman literature.

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