2nd House

The second house of the zodiac is linked to Venus and Taurus, and in common with those two elements, represents personal feelings and the desire for possessions. The first six houses of the birthchart are linked to the self, whereas the last six refer to relationships with the wider world. In this way, the second house shows us how we look after money, how we use that money and what it means to us. By contrast, the eighth house opposite shows money in its wider context - insurances, taxes, inheritances. The sign on the cusp shows the manner in which we relate to these areas of our lives. For example, Leo on the cusp of the second house suggests someone who is generous with both their money and feelings for other people.

The second house also represents our feelings for another person, particularly in a romantic relationship. Do we see our loved one as a person in his or her own right or merely as a possession to be shown off along with the sports car and posh apartment? The need for security is seen here - this may be shown in the way we collect possessions around us, or whether we feel content with just the bare necessities.

Planets placed in this house can have a big effect on the cash in our pockets. Neptune brings much confusion in monetary matters whereas Uranus brings sudden ups and downs and the sense that money just trickles through our fingers like sand. Saturn means we have to work hard for it (and that we hold on to it for dear life) and Jupiter suggests good fortune. These effects are triggered even more when the planet in question is aspected during a transit. Indeed, a planet transiting through the house will have some effect on our money (or lack of it), possessions and feelings to those around us.

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