3rd House

The third house of the zodiac is ruled by Mercury and linked to Gemini. It represents the part of your life connected with your brothers, sisters and other close family, although not your parents, who have the fourth and fifth houses. The third house represents the local neighbourhood and your neightbours. It is here that relationships with those neighbours are seen. Problems in this part of your chart invariably lead to disputes with those living nearby. This house also demonstrates your connectedness with the environment, again on a local basis. Caring for the block, village or town you might live in is an important part of this house. In addition, the third house has an important part to play in your early childhood, schooling and communication. Teachers of young children will often have the Sun or Mercury placed here.

Planets placed in the part of your chart will consequently affect all these areas of your life. Beneficial planets, such as Jupiter and Venus indicate perhaps an easier early life and the ability to get on with those close by. Saturn makes life harder - this stern planet would suggest hurdles placed in front of you that must be overcome. Often there is literary or musical ability, regardless of which planet is placed in the house. One of the most interesting placements is Neptune. This dreamy planet often brings a beautiful voice, the ability to communicate on a higher level, and an unusual nickname.

Transits or progressions by planets through this area of the chart brings greater emphasis on communication, your environment and close family. Planets such as Pluto would bring immense change - there could be an upheaval at home and a change in environment. This planet in particular is also likely to bring changes to how you view your environment - is it worth saving? for example. Short distance travel, your neighbours and even the way you speak can be affected by planetary events in this part of the zodiac.

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