4th House

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The fourth house is the natural home of Cancer and the Moon. Here the home environment, emotional habit patterns, ingrained emotional responses, family affairs and the relationship with your mother are often seen. This is where the home life and relationships with parents, (especially the mother) are highlighted. How someone sees their parents and how they see themselves as a parent are also referred to here. This is the house that is used as a base for life - this were you go back to.

The sign on the cusp of the house gives the background to this - Leo on the cusp would suggest a lot of pride in the family, heritage and home. To this person, love, loyalty, warmth and generosity are natural parts of a happy family life. There is likely to be a great deal of pride in the family home, and it is likely that such a person would want others to share in this - parties and family gatherings are likely to be a regular aspect of life.

Planets placed in the fourth house bring their own special influence to bear. Saturn placed here might indicate a father who was never at home a great deal, whilst Mercury might suggest a home that is also used for work as well. There could be a sense of restless with Mercury as well.

The transit or progression of planets through the fourth house will bring change in the unique style of the planet involved. Should Pluto make its slow journey through here, life would be affected by a number of (often sudden) events that force change into the family home. Jupiter's transit would bring a period of benevolence and expansion to the home - a good time to move or do those DIY jobs.