5th House

This is the house of Leo and the Sun where creative self-expression comes to light. The ultimate human expression of creativity is procreation, and it is here in the fifth house that this is most prominent. However, this house is not just restricted to children - the relationship with the father is also dealt with here. This is the house where the potential, and desire for creativity is seen. This creativity covers all aspects of life, whether creativity through art or mending cars, even the creativity in having children. This is also the home of lovers, love affairs and risk-taking. Permanent relationships are seen in the seventh house.

Often social and romantic activity, sexual involvement, the pursuit of pleasure, financial speculation and gambling are seen. In addition, the desire to be noticed and appreciated and the subsequent social popularity or lack of it are indicated. Teachers and coaches (of children) often have important planets placed in this part of the chart.

The sign on the cusp of the house shows the likely background to this part of the chart - Pisces on the cusp would suggest many secret loves and romantic ideas with a tendency to follow one's heart rather than head, whereas Aries would suggest a straightforward approach to such things.

Planets placed in the fifth house work their own magic. Jupiter placed here might indicate an enthusiastic and optimistic attitude to love and romance. This also suggests a great rapport with children. Having the Moon placed here indicates a deep emotional need to be creative - this is part of the soul.

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