6th House

This is the house of Virgo and Mercury. It is here that work or services rendered to others are seen. In addition, important indications to health are shown in this house. Not only do we see how someone looks after themselves with diet and exercise, we also see the daily routine and habits, and what effect that may have on the general well being. In particular, employees, detailed responsibilities, involuntary actions and services, conditions in the work place, clothing and occupational hazards are some of the things encountered in the sixth house. This house can also show health or lack of it, dietary habits and personal hygiene, dealings with doctors and how aware you may be of any practical problems.

The sign on the cusp of the house shows the likely background to this part of the chart - Leo on the cusp would suggest a generally robust health although the heart and spine would have to be looked after. Probably bossy at work and with other people's health and routine.

Planets placed in the sixth house have to be watched. This is often a difficult part of the chart to have any planet placed. Jupiter for example, usually quite beneficial in other areas, can make one lazy and over-indulgent, especially with the daily routine and diet. Pluto would bring a number of sudden shocks to the system - it is likely that the regular routine is often shaken about so that the person concerned has to start all over. However, Pluto can bring a great deal of insight into the problems that other people suffer - this can help to help other people improve their lives.

The transit or progression of planets through the sixth house will bring change in the unique style of the planet involved. Usually health or routine is involved - this could coincide with a change at work or home, a need to eat different foods, take greater care of the body, or maybe it is time when any hard work previously comes to fruition.

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