7th House

The seventh house of the zodiac is linked to Libra and ruled by Venus. These three elements are closely linked in the birthchart Libra represents balance, harmony and the need to be with other people, whilst Venus shows how we approach relationships. The seventh house shows marriage, business partnerships and other close relationships. It controls responsibility towards other people, as well as their reaction to your personal attitudes.

The sign on the cusp of the seventh house often gives a clue to the kind of partner an individual would prefer. When combined with Venus, a clearer picture starts to form. Planets placed in this house will add color to this vital area of life. For instance, having Venus placed here would suggest the individual would be affectionate and caring. It is likely that an individual with this placing would marry early in life and would prosper through this relationship.

Planets that move through the seventh house will invariably bring change to relationships of the person concerned. Depending on the kind of transit, relationships may begin, falter, strengthen or finish. It is possible that arguments come to the fore, or that disputes are settled. Jealousy, secrecy, honor, everything that can define a relationship can be found in the seventh house.

The seventh house is the first of the non-personal houses. The first six houses represent the self in one way or another. It is in the seventh house that the journey of interaction with other people begins.

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