8th House

This is the house of Scorpio and Pluto. Here we find money, sex, and transformation, in particular the change brought about by Pluto. This house shows how we deal with change, how we develop our sexual urges and where the desire to have money (or not as the case may be) is born. Importantly, this often shows how we deal with the ultimate change - death. Here we find the end of old conditions in readiness for the new. Financial matters, particularly those that relate to joint money or business dealings are also affected in this house.

The sign on the cusp of the eighth house shows how we deal with these matters. Having Cancer on the cusp would suggest a defensive attitude to any kind of change and quite probably an emotional response as well. Sagittarius on the cusp would indicate a wider, more philosophical view of how one thing ends and another begins.

Planets placed in the eighth house bring their own special attention to bear on this area of the chart. Having Mercury placed here often indicates someone who has a great deal of insight and who is capable of excellent analysis. This person is able to understand how things change, and how change can be used to bring about the desired effect.

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