A conjunction is the most powerful of aspects in astrology. It brings together two or more planets in a dynamic and sometimes explosive combination. It occurs when the planets involved are placed less than ten degrees apart in the birthchart. The closer the planets, the greater the strength of the conjunction.

A conjunction often has a duality about it, as the two planets jostle for position. For example, having Saturn and Mars in conjunction in a birthchart gives a combination of energy and restraint. At times the individual will channel this energy (Mars) in a disciplined and determined way (Saturn) and can achieve much. However there will be times when caution and limitation (Saturn) seem to hold back the individual so that the enthusiasm (Mars) has nowhere to go. The result is frustration and often a backlash against authority.

Conjunctions created by transiting planets can have an equally powerful effect. Take the Saturn/Mars conjunction again, this time as a transit in an individual's chart. As Saturn moves round to contact Mars, the individual can often experience a desire to be active, positive and dynamic.

Used wisely, the individual can again use Mars' energy positively by using Saturn's constraints to channel the force where it is needed most. If the individual cannot express this desire for action, the result is again frustration, often lashing out in a fury. If caution is not exercised, it is likely that this frustration will lead the individual into contact with authority, probably of the uniformed kind.

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