The square aspect in a natal chart (90 degrees between two planets) has often been thought of as being negative, bad, not wanted. In some ways this is true, because the energies flowing between the two planets is often uneven and disrupted. In some cases, there is simply no connection between the two planets, so that they seem to be at loggerheads with one another.

However, this is only part of the story. The square aspect is an obstacle, possibly put there by yourself, that you have to get round, or at the very least, negate in order to progress and realise true potential.

For example, a square between Mars and Saturn would suggest that a person would blow hot and cold as they try to reconcile the limitations imposed by Saturn on the boundless energy of Mars. Unresolved, this difficult partnership will lead to frustration and anger, possibly even violence.

However, by learning to balance the two different energies, a dynamic fusion of power and control can be forged. Someone who might benefit from this would be a sportsman, such as a rugby player, a boxer or American footballer. Such a person would need to control his energies, to live within the acceptable rules of his trade, but with an edge that allows him to be more physical and dominant.

A difficult balance, but once that hurdle has been overcome, the potential for success is great. People with a number of square aspects in their chart are often edgy but dynamic. Those that learn to use this often succeed in life in some way or another.

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