The opposition aspect occurs in astrology when two (or more) planets face each other across the zodiac. In the birthchart, the opposition does not have to be totally accurate - planets placed from 172 degrees through 180 to 188 degrees apart from each other are considered to be in opposition.

The opposition is one of those things in astrology that have two distinct possibilities. One is that the two planets will clash and cause problems, the other is that the two planets will use their different characteristics to form a strong combination for good. One planet that often brings such problems is Mars. The opposition will invariably bring the worst out of the fiery planet, causing arguments and aggression. One example of this is Mars opposition Saturn, where the person concerned will have a natural tendency to argue with anyone in authority, starting with the father and going on to council workers, policemen and anyone else who tries to control the energy indicated by Mars.

However, by learning to balance the control of Saturn against the enthusiasm and power of Mars, it is possible to achieve much. By understanding who is doing the holding back and why they might be doing so, there is the chance of getting round the problem. In sport, for example, it can be learning how to play a referee, to work with the man in charge to know what he is looking in for. Co-operation is possible, but there has to be give and take.

In the power games between the two planets, one often holds sway. In our example, it could be Saturn controlling the Mars energy so much that frustration occurs and eventually boils over into argument. Conversely, it could be that over-energetic enthusiasm rules the roost until the officialdom denoted by Saturn eventually takes control.

Always a knife-edge, the oppositions are important and often dynamic elements in the birth chart. Maybe not always to the fore, but underneath, they can be working away. Understanding the oppositions in the chart can bring relief and balance to your life.

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