Dynamic Aspects

Dynamic aspects are those aspects, particularly the square and opposition, that lie in wait in your birth chart. Whereas some aspects may have a tolerance of up to nine degrees either way, dynamic aspects are precise, with less than one degree for the orb. For instance, if you had the Moon at 12 degrees in Aries you would have to have a planet placed at 12 degrees Libra to be in opposition, or 12 degrees Cancer or Capricorn to be in a square dynamic aspect.

Although dynamic aspects do not have a great effect on your natal chart, it is later in life that they are brought to bear. It can be described as having something missing from your life, until suddenly, you stumble around a corner and there it is. The effect of the dynamic aspect can be far-reaching, but it is always positive in nature. It could be something as simple as realising a dream by meeting a famous person, or it could be as dramatic as walking on the Moon. The scope is enormous, but life will never be the same once you give in and let go.

By understanding any dynamic aspects in the charts, we can uncover hidden depths and truths. Once out in the open, often other elements in the chart become less troublesome, and easier to understand. For example, someone with the Sun in a dynamic aspect, together with Saturn and Neptune in a square aspect, will feel something (or someone) is missing from his or her life. The Saturn/Neptune influence will indicate a great sense of restless and wandering.

However, once the missing person or desire is uncovered (dynamic Sun), the reason for the restlessness becomes clear. From this point, the person in question can look at their life in a different way (although what they do with it is another question).

A simple but powerful element in the birthchart, the dynamic aspects are worth taking a closer look at, for they often hold the key to finding focus and direction in life.

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